About Us

Our Story

Can we cure the Gig Economy ? 

At kimbosabe Technologies, we are accelerating  the shift from authoritative centralized institutions to networks driven by peer-to-peer collaboration.

Re-inventing the wheel, we created a solution which provides an option for all Bricks & Mortar shops to go online and avail a free delivery infrastructure at the same time providing a 0% commission to the delivery partners. 

Achieving a revolutionary revenue model where we do not take charge a commission or any other fee’s.


Why we are different

We’re a young Australian startup applying technology  with gratifying revenue models to fix an industry that’s broken.


Customers, Partners, Enterprise partners are always highly discontent, At kimbosabe we believe a strong vision with relentless inovation is the key.


We promise delivery in 30-45 min for all products to your door at a competitive price from your local vendors promising an inventory of minimum 90% of products sold online + Shared economy services with a click of a button.


We Intend to create the world’s best Hyper-local search engine for the sharing economy.

Nikhil Anand

Chief Operating Oficer

Neshok Sehar

Ceo, Chairman of the board

Kirnesh Dhuri

Chief Finance officer